About Me:

Hey I'm Karl Lee. I’m originally from Ireland but sometime during 2014 I found myself making my way across the Atlantic Ocean and now find myself living in Alberta Canada, a place I am happy to now call home.

I have a passion for photography and for capturing the magic moments that happen in the world around us. I love to work with natural light and being outdoors with my camera at silly o clock when normal people are catching much needed sleep. It didn’t take me long to realize that the best time of day to shoot anything is in the early and late hours whether it be shooting a landscape or some automotive work or friends out hiking.

Living in Alberta means I am very close to the Canadian Rockies and although they are getting busier year after year I still find that 90% of the Rockies are untouched and that’s where I like to get lost in my downtime.  I am lucky to live so close to such amazing and varied landscapes.

Commercial and Event Photography:

My services are available for both commercial photography (automotive, corporate, restaurants, bars, retail outlets etc) and event photography. If you are interested in hiring me for these services then email me at karl@karlleephoto.com

Purchase Photos:

If you are interested in purchasing any of my prints for your home or as a gift then we can certainly make that happen. If you see the image that you are looking for, please feel free to email me at karl@karlleephoto.com and we can arrange for it to be printed.

Licensing/Use of Photos:

If you wish to use my photos in a publication, for promotional activities or for any other purpose then please ask by emailing me at the address above.

All images copyright (c) Karl Lee.  All rights reserved. No unauthorized use.


Copyright Karl Lee. All rights reserved. 

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